Five reasons you need Eazyview’s inspection cameras

If you’re heading to Toolfair this year, make sure you check out the Eazyview range of inspection cameras. In the meantime, check out these five ways the inspection cameras can help on your next job.

  • Access areas through a very small space – the 8.5mm camera pipe means that rather than cutting large holes or removing obstacles, you can find what you’re looking via a very small access point or by drilling a small hole. The bright LED on the end of the camera pipe illuminates even the darkest of places so images are clear and crisp, enabling you to read part numbers or distinguish different colour wires.
  • Save time – with easier access to those difficult areas you can save lots of time. Making good can now be a small plug with a bit of filler and a wipe down. The 6m pole camera means that many inspection jobs can be done without the need for ladders. This not only saves time hauling ladders on and off the van but also means you can avoid having to fill out health and safety forms
  • Save money – we all know that time is money, so getting the job done more quickly soon adds more profit to your bottom line. And think about how much money is lost when quoting for jobs you don’t get. Much better to spend 10 minutes identifying the problem you’re quoting for rather than 30 or 40 minutes. This gives you more time to get around your other jobs, so more chance of winning new business elsewhere.
  • Be more professional – even though you may have years of experience, there’s nothing like ‘showing’ a client what the problem is rather than telling them what you ‘think’ it is. The Eazyview cameras allow you to take photographs and videos which you can either show to your clients on site or send to them via email. They are time and date stamped and you can even add a client reference or postcode. When deciding which firm to use, who is the client more likely to choose?
  • Add more services – the Eazyview range also includes a 20m wide angle camera suitable for inspecting drains, pipes, conduits or flues. If you keep one on the van there are plenty of other services you could now offer whilst you’re on site. This can also help to speed up a job, as rather than wait for another contractor to come to site you could do it yourself and move things along more quickly.

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