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Unilite are a leader in the global flashlight and illumination market. Founded in 1981, this family run business has grown to become a household name within the industry for one that can be both relied upon and trusted for quality. The company started from humble beginnings, having been founded from a residential address in the West Midlands. With consumer trust of Unilites vision and their pursuit of product excellence, the business grew rapidly. This leads them to where they are now, having just moved into a brand-new office and warehouse facility, more than trebling in capacity and facilitating future growth.

This has only been made possible through Unilites consumer focused product development; researching the latest trends in LED technology, whilst designing products that adhere to the tough demands of the end user. The product development team ensures that this promise is fulfilled, by constructing the entire product range with the highest quality of materials, safeguarding them for use against the rigours of an industrial workplace.

Unilite are constantly developing and bringing out new products. This has led to the development of a diverse range of products. Within this there are:

  • Strong and powerful flashlights,
  • Industrial floating lanterns,
  • Inspection lights, both battery and rechargeable
  • Intrinsically safe Zone 0 ATEX torches
  • Powerful and rechargeable site lights
  • Or fantastic creations like a LED rechargeable Beanie hat, USB rechargeable Cap light and a class 2 safety vest with USB rechargeable light.


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