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With over 37 years’ experience, Unilite is one of the world’s leading flashlight manufacturers in the global illumination market. The homegrown family-run business has built itself from its humble beginnings in a West Midlands residential address to become a trusted household name situated within their brand-new office and warehouse facility, both trebling in capacity and facilitating future growth.

With growth at the heart of all they do and driven by their relentless pursuit of excellence, Unilite’s focus on technological innovation keeps them at the forefront of the market. This has only been made possible through Unilite’s consumer focused product development; researching the latest trends in LED technology, whilst designing products that adhere to the tough demands of the end user. The product development team ensures that this promise is fulfilled, by constructing the entire product range with the highest quality of materials, safeguarding them for use against the rigours of an industrial workplace.

With a headquarters nicknamed The LAB, Unilite are constantly making strides in innovative product development. Unilite understand the demands of the everyday, creating products that are weather-resistant across the board and ergonomically designed for comfort and ease. From strong and powerful flashlights to industrial floating lanterns, rechargeable inspection lights, intrinsically safe Zone 0 ATEX torches, reinforced and robust rechargeable site lights, compact and dynamic headlights, and creative inventions including LED rechargeable beanie hats, cap lights, and class 2 safety vest’s with USB rechargeable lights, there’s something for everyone.


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