A few months ago, we started a Twitter chat aimed at bringing together trades from around the UK for a monthly discussion on life, work and everything in between. It was pretty popular straight away, so we now run the chat every week – on Tuesday nights 8-9pm – talking about everything from tips on getting tricky customers to pay up, promoting your business on social media and more light-hearted topics such as favourite food, films and gifs.

A few people have (politely) asked what the point of a Twitter chat is – aside from a nice bit of friendly chat on social media – so we thought we’d share three great reasons to take part in a Twitter chat.

  1. Twitter chats are a great way to connect with other sole traders in your field. By joining in #TradesTalk you will get to ‘meet’ other builders, plumbers or electricians who are dealing with the same issues that you are – and they might just help you come up with solutions. A good example of this is the chat we held on managing money – there were some really good recommendations for apps and technology that can help with invoicing and mobile payments.
  2. Taking part in a Twitter chat is an effective way to raise your profile – and not just with the other participants. It is worth remembering that social media is, essentially, lots of little search engines that feed into Google. So if you’re active on a platform like Twitter and have built up a decent following, a potential customer is much more likely to find you when searching for trades in your area.
  3. You’ll find out loads of stuff you didn’t know by taking part in a Twitter chat – so they are great fact-finding activities. This might be something rather silly like something new to try for breakfast (honestly, this has come up on #TradesTalk), but it could also be something really important for your business, from new products and kit you should be trying out, to work and training¬†opportunities that could be a huge benefit. Similarly, a Twitter chat that is relevant to your industry is a fantastic way of finding out what the big issues are, and how others are handling them.

This is just a few ideas to inspire you to come along to #TradesTalk on Tuesdays 8-9pm. We’d love to hear what you get out of Twitter chats – and suggestions of topics you’d like us to cover. Please follow @TradesTalk and get chatting.