We’ve had the pleasure of attending the Professional Builder Toolfair a few times now and have really enjoyed meeting the numerous business owners and grafters who attend. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to receive feedback on our service from the people who will benefit the most from using it. It’s also a place to draw inspiration, finding out how we can improve the service and better understand the requirements of those who use it.

To successfully complete multiple projects on time, a business in the construction industry needs a network of people ready to help out in time to meet the project schedule. It’s important to have access to a large pool of available hands that you can bring in as required as your core team is usually flat out. How can this be managed in a time of increasing labour scarcity?

Grafter connects businesses in construction and other sectors with an available, flexible workforce in their area. From our conversations with builders, plumbers, plasterers and electricians at recent Toolfairs we have established the benefits of using our platform to find grafters to give you a hand when needed:

1. Find someone who can start tomorrow – It’s so easy to use our platform to find and engage with workers, you can literally find people ready to start work with you at 8 am the following morning although the more notice you give the more options you have

2. Get a Grafter to do the work you shouldn’t – Skilled tradesman’s time is valuable. With Grafter you can improve your efficiently by focusing on the skilled tasks rather than wasting your valuable time with the more manual tasks

3. More hands when YOU need them – You can build a team of as many grafters as you need for a job, you can also book them for however long you need, whether its hours, days or weeks

4. Get local Grafters – Grafter allows you access to a workforce wherever your job is, so you don’t lose time and money in travel time

5. Stick to the budget – booking last minute labour can sometimes mean a higher payment than expected. Our platform lets you set the rate, and choose the Grafters you want to engage with

6. Access Grafters at the touch of a button – use the website or download the app. Our service is easy and simple to use on your phone or at your desk. You even pay your grafters through the platform. Simple.

So, keep us in mind for when you are booking jobs. We’ll see you at the next Toolfair.

Let Grafter work for you, visit grafternow.com to find out more.