So you’ve booked a space at a trade show. All you need to do now is turn up at the event and wait for the new customers and hot leads to pour in, right? WRONG!

Although you might think it is the organiser’s job to make an event a huge success – and of course, it is up to a point – there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your attendance.

By being a little bit savvier with your marketing and social media activities around an event, you can make sure you stand out to the visitors of the show – and get much more of a return on your investment .

Here are SIX things that can help you get the most out of exhibiting at a trade show.

  1. Find out who is doing the social media in the run up to show and talk to them
    If you connect with whoever is running the social media, they will be delighted to work with you. It’s their job to get as much engagement on social media, so you’ll be helping them out by providing interesting and relevant content. You could simply send them over some copy for tweets and a selection of images, or even collaborate on a poll, giveaway, Q&A or Facebook Live.
  2. Find out who is doing email marketing and talk to them
    Again, the person writing all the marketing emails will be delighted if you can offer them interesting content to include in their mail-outs. Let them know what you’re planning to do on your exhibition stand so they can flag it up to potential visitors and help raise awareness of your brand.
  3. Find out who is doing the conference programme if there is one and talk to them
    Could someone in your organisation deliver a talk or take part in a panel discussion? This is a great way to show your expertise and make new connections – as well as offering interesting content for your marketing material.
  4. Get any banners/pix/gifs that are available for your website/emails/social media
    Do the show organisers have a load of graphics and pictures you can use? More than likely! Get these out as widely as possible so everyone knows you’ll be at the show.
  5. Think about what to do with your stand on the actual days of the show and how to make it attract the punters
    Nobody is going to be drawn to a dull stand with personnel sitting reading the newspaper. You need to have knowledgeable staff holding the fort and answering questions. Could you do a product demo? Or maybe a competition? Anything gives people an easy way to start a conversation with you – and helps your brand stay in their memory.
  6. Think about local media angles
    Where is the event being held? Research the local papers in that area and think about potential story ideas they might want to cover. Is it the first time the event has been held in this area? Are you going to launch a new product or service during the show? Could you invite the local MP along? Could you generate some interesting research ahead of the event?

If you’re exhibiting at Toolfair, Elex, Pro Builder Live or PlumbExpo and would like to discuss any of these ideas, please contact Lucy on