Innovation is the hallmark of IRWIN®. For more than 100 years, it’s been an idea that has permeated the culture of our company, and it continues to drive everything we do. 

Beginning in 1885 with development of the first IRWIN® auger bit, and progressing with the introduction of Vise-Grip® locking tools, Blue Groove flat bits, and Quick-Grip® bar clamps, IRWIN® has been at the forefront of the industry, creating better tools in a better way. Our impressive track record of new product development is born from our passion for understanding the needs of our primary user – the professional tradesman. This dedication to improving products begins in the field, where IRWIN®’s specialised end-user teams visit construction sites. There, the IRWIN® Field Product Specialist team learns first-hand – from the professional – how to improve our products, and how to make the pro’s job easier and more productive. This hard-earned knowledge is the foundation for a unique product development process utilised by IRWIN®’s engineering, marketing, and manufacturing teams to deliver a continuous stream of new products to the marketplace. Supported by a global network of world-class manufacturing facilities and bolstered by our partnerships with leading global retailers, IRWIN® continuously sets the professional standard in each and every market segment in which we compete. From product feedback and development to distribution and use in the field, we dedicate ourselves to delivering quality tools that meet the stringent requirements of our toughest critics – professional tradesmen.  

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