We are Construction legal consultants who advise and guide Sub-Contractors in the Construction industry. This includes commercial, housing and private projects throughout England and Wales.

We provide pro-active as well as reactive strategies to assist Sub-Contractors in entering, performing and then collecting their rewards in the projects that they are involved in. Many Sub-Contractors fail to examine the contract provided by the Main Contractor or do not understand it and then go ahead without know the risk that has been off-loaded onto their shoulders.

It is not uncommon for Main Contractors to issue illegal terms or terms that do not conform with the current legislation which covers eligible construction projects.

We provide training over a wide range of subjects, pre-contract reviews, ongoing project advice, post-contract meetings for final accounts and if necessary, assist in the dispute resolution processes.

Our understanding of the reality and practicality of the construction processes and the passion in what we do, enables us to work without clients on a practical level meaning that Sub-Contractors see us as approachable and an integral part of their team.

We work with each Sub-Contractor individually to see what works for them, because one cap does not fit all.

Our services provide what many Sub-Contractors refer to as a ‘comfort blanket’ with advice and assistance when they are in a position that causes them huge pressure on their business.

Whilst we are dedicated to assisting Sub-Contractors when they find themselves in such situations, we are also passionate about assisting them to re-evaluate the ways in which they work, to avoid disputes and manage the risks of contracting by both educating them and reviewing their in-house processes to circumvent disputes from arising in the first place.