ARMD protects tradespeople’s tools and gets them back to work quickly in the event of a theft using a combination of technology and insurance. Our system consists of:

RECORD – A free Tool Inventory app and website that enables tradespeople to log their tools and receipts in a few simple clicks giving visibility of what they own and their value
PROTECT – The ARMD GUARD smart van alarm (launching next year) sits in the van and watches over the tools. It will even call your phone instantly if the alarm is triggered
INSURE – Dedicated and affordable tool insurance that’s easy to buy. Any claims can be made from there as well by simply entering the incident details and selecting the tools that have been stolen.
REPLACE – Missing tools can be replaced quickly from our online shop
SHOP – Our online tool shop has over 30,000 tools which can be bought alongside insurance. All tools purchased from the shop are automatically uploaded to the Tool Inventory