The BWG Bauteam Organization is a manufacturer association with an affiliated central warehouse. Our organization has existed for over 30 years.

Professional hand tools are produced for the most diverse craftsmen in construction. These include mainly: tilers, masons, plasterers, drywall, roofers, painters, garden and landscaping.

Our products are developed together with craftsmen, this product guidance creates professional tools for daily practice. This is also valid for the opimizing of exisiting tools.

When developing new products and optimizing existing products, it is very important to us that the customer benefit is increased effectively and not just a new design is created. In this way, for example, we have launched products that save the tradesman valuable working time, combined with optimum handling of the tools and equipment. Certainly a new design will be added but the functionality of the products always comes first.

In addition to production, we have a large central warehouse where products are added that complement our production program. Our entire product range thus comprises approx. 4,000 individual products.