Faithful hand tools and power tool accessories has become the trusted choice for building industry professionals, DIY enthusiasts, gardeners and a range of other individuals and organisations.

Products which deliver dependable levels of quality and performance – and always at consistently competitive prices.

As a business it remains focused on continued product research and development and as a result our range continues to evolve all the time.

All its products are manufactured under stringent and rigorously monitored production controls ensuring they comply with standards such as CE, BS and EN where relevant.

The vast majority of its tools are backed by 5-year product guarantees. No matter which Faithfull product you opt for, the story behind them remains the same.

They have been developed using the same intelligent approach and manufactured under the same stringent quality controls.

Visit the stand at Sandown to see the new Bluetooth LED Cordless Sitelight. This cordless rechargeable 20w LED sitelight not only provides a convenient portable ‘lead free’ light source to illuminate your worksite, but also the option to listen to your favourite music using its integral Bluetooth speaker system. Which can be paired with any Bluetooth device including your phone or tablet.