Whether you have to precisely layout a construction site, perform control measurements, collect height and angle data, align concrete forms, install ceilings and partitions, lay gravity flow pipe, locate underground services or complete site preparation Leica Geosystems offers the right instrument specifically designed for your construction application.

Pioneering the future with the latest innovations, Leica Geosystems instruments ensure the efficient use of your materials and resources.

High-quality construction products, such as optical and electronic levels, lasers, total stations and the industry leading Leica DISTO handheld laser distance meters, provide fast results, keep you working and increase your profitability

Easy-to-use, jobsite-tough, accurate and reliable

Measuring Tools
Leica Geosystems Measuring Tools Division helps
professionals measure quickly and accurately with Leica DISTO, the original hand-held laser distance measurement product. Leica DISTO is available in a wide choice of models and is used by more than 3/4 million professionals worldwide, such as craftsmen, architects, and real estate agents. Leica DISTO helps professionals profit from the speed and precision of immediate measurements, saving time and enhancing productivity.