Perles… is that a name from the past? We think you may have heard of us.

We’re not surprised… throughout the history of power tools, we’ve been quietly making history… from the first high-speed angle grinder in the 1950’s to the first portable mixers at the start of this century. A couple of design awards along the way, not to mention the patented innovation of the Perles clutch which delivered up to 5 times extended lifetime for drills.

We have built a name for innovation, reliability, longevity… a Perles tool is never a cost – it’s an investment in your business. It will always be properly engineered, faithfully supported and designed to save you time and money. Our aim is always to be part of your professional competitive edge.

And we can deliver this because professional power tools is what we do… it’s all that we do… so we listen to you, develop for you, innovate for you, and deliver. Our focus is your success.

Perles, definitely a name from the past… but still with a strong vision for the future.

Come and talk to us and discover how!