PipeSnug is an innovative, award-winning new product which provides an air-tight, professional-looking finish around pipes where they exit a wall and is easily installed in less than 5 seconds. PipeSnug has had a fantastic reception from the trade since we launched in May 2017 and is now available in merchant branches nationwide. Installers are discovering just how much time and money they can save, as well as providing an air-tight and professional finish to every job. In addition, PipeSnug is the only solution to meet the recent changes to Part L of building regulations regarding air tightness around pipe penetrations. There are currently four versions of PipeSnug on the market: • 32mm (1¼”): used for solvent weld waste pipe fittings and also boiler condensate pipe where it feeds into larger diameter pipe to avoid freezing. • 40mm (1½”): (as above) • 110mm (4”): for all push-fit and solvent weld soil pipe fittings. • FlueSnug: for 100mm boiler flues, endorsed by Worcester Bosch, Ideal Heating and other leading boiler manufacturers. Can also be fitted from the inside for installations at height, saving more time & money. All sizes are available in various colours.