Founded in 2017, Skrap was born as a result of frustrations of the current owners running a construction business where access to skips, cages, and aggregates etc was limited. Construction hire in general was unorganized and fragmented, prices were inconsistent and the whole process was very manual. Therefore, in an industry slow to embrace technology, Skrap found a niche in the

market by providing a perfect solution of combining construction hire and waste management services on demand via mobile app and

online portal. Skrap’s vision was to allow SME builders to be able to order any construction hire services with the simple click of a button. The beauty of the Skrap App means contractors  are able to order multiple hires at the same time for different sites and manage and track them all in real time, giving construction teams complete control over their projects. The app is reliable, it’s easy to place an order and the pricing is fixed so

you can plan effectively. At Skrap, we have all the necessary assessments and audits carried out for all our suppliers so we are able to help contractors realize their waste management and sustainability goals.