Deploys new health and Safety standards, to effectively accelerate the safe removal of contaminants in fluid from the hot water cylinders, storage tanks, and WC cistern.

Born out of frustration when a plumber was at his tipping point when swallowing liquids and breathing in nasty vapours when De commissioning the contents from old corroded cylinders, header tanks, and WC cisterns with bleach tablets inside. There must be a safer/cleaner way.

One experience was when the hose pipe had fallen out of the header tank in the roof space, whilst sucking on the hose pipe waiting outside where he realised there must be a safer, more time efficient method and effective way of doing this. Having researched the market, the invention was the only way forward to overcome this to be Safer and Risk free.

The need to raise awareness for the Health & Safety aspect is crucial.

A plumber’s hose pipe is regularly exposed to the foulest of jobs and is a perfect host for a breeding ground, fortunately, plumbers now no longer need to put their mouths on what can be lurking inside.

Pathogens (Legionella)

De-Composed insects

Bacterial organisms (Microbial Slime)

Noxious liquids (Acid based chemical flushing agents)

Sludge/Sub – Micron particulates

Rat/Mice Urine & Faeces

Glass fibre loft insulation


No risk of air locks, as you would with conventional sucking on the hose pipe.

Prevent swallowing dangerous liquids and breathing in hazardous vapours.

Safer & Cleaner of De-commissioning equipment.

Far more reliable than drain off cocks where the washer is jammed and separated from the spindle.

Prevents the hose pipe from kinking (when exiting the cylinder outlet) or falling out of tanks as likely to get knocked.

WHY? is now a good time?

With Health & Safety ever increasingly being on the Agenda within our industry, it is in high demand that we need to extinguish our frontline professionals and next generation apprentices from being orally exposed to unsafe practices. We need to put an end to unprofessional and highly dangerous applications and instead demonstrate safe procedures with simplicity.