The Tool Register is a smartphone app developed by uWatch Ltd which is being launched now across the UK to provide tradespeople a tool to fight back against tool theft.

The only way to reduce the theft of tools in the long term is to remove the market for stolen tools. This can be achieved by making stolen tools identifiable by any member of the public. If a thief cant sell the tool he has stolen, why would he steal another?

The Tool Register is an app available on iOS and Android which allows users to do the following:

  • Register pictures of tools and receipts with details such as serial and model number, tool type, maker and description on a secure cloud server
  • Report tools as stolen which instantly alerts all other local app users as well as the police
  • All stolen tools appear on dodgy gear which is a search engine for stolen goods. Anyone can use this to check the tool they are buying isn’t stolen. If it is the original owner of the tool can be contact through the app.
  • Your list of tools and all details can be downloaded as a PDF and sent to insurance companies.

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