Uniwipe – the only wipe you’ll ever need!

Uniwipe is an antibacterial wipes manufacturer founded to produce the next generation of wipes and provide the highest standards of hygiene to homes, workplaces and people.  After many years of rigorous research and development, the brand’s antibacterial wipes provide safe, fast and effective cleaning solutions to the most stubborn problems and are recognised as among the most technically advanced in the world

There are many reasons for the effectiveness of our wipes, including their large size, the low-lint fabric we use and their ability to leave surfaces clean and germ free in seconds.

The company will be showcasing its Uniwipe UltraGrime wipes – Super performance wipes for hands, tools and surfaces.

Have you ever struggled to remove industrial dirt and grime?

The company thinks that its UltraGrime are the biggest and best wipes you can buy. Use these dirt eating wipes all day, every day on your hands, tools and many other surfaces, including fabric and upholstery. They effortlessly cut through oil, grease, ink, paint, silicone, bitumen, uncured PU foam and other stubborn, ground-in grime – they’re your ultimate cleaning companion!

Truly Huge Wipes

Totally Safe to use anywhere…

Visit the stand and try them out for yourself and get your own with our special show deal.