Van Comrade is a new, revolutionary, van storage product, that when mounted onto ANY flat surface, allows for easy storage of tools and equipment. As well as the main benefit of freeing up valuable floor space, Van Comrade also helps keep all your tools and accessories organised.
Website Entry: Van Comrade is a new and revolutionary way to store and organise your work tools, freeing up your valuable space and giving you the flexibility to install it elsewhere easily. By using an incredibly durable reinforced material, Van Comrade is heat resistant, water resistant, crush resistant, and each pouch and eyelet has been tested to withstand a minimum of 70kgs. Aimed predominately at the van trade industry, Van Comrade can easily be moved and re-fitted in workshops, on-site locations and in offices. It’s also a great solution for any domestic storage requirements around the home, such as for sheds, garages and storage containers. Due to their size and weight, storage boxes are a thing of the past; one Van Comrade can hold most handheld tools and accessories, making them easily accessible whenever you need them. Available in 3 universal sizes with a 4th size imminent for van back doors. Come and see for yourself at the show.