Although relatively new to the market, Vaunt is no newbie to the world of construction tools!

Built on a wealth of product knowledge, the Vaunt team has over 100 years of tool experience between them, offering two ranges (Vaunt & Vaunt X) with one ethos; to offer affordable professional tools.

Using their collaborated expertise, the Vaunt team pride themselves on finding responsibly sourced products with the quality and features expected to perform in the professional market. Innovation is also at the helm of Vaunts impressive product range. By having a decent understanding of the market, the team offers products with features and contents the user actually needs rather than copying what is already on the market.

An example of such market understanding is the introduction of the Vaunt X range. For the customer who wants quality over price, the Vaunt X product performance is second to none. Constructed from the highest quality materials and designed for the most extreme jobs, the Vaunt X product range will offer the same results as any market leader.

Alongside the product range, Vaunt also takes its responsibilities as a company very seriously. All packaging is responsibility sourced and fully recyclable with no single use plastic. Not only does Vaunt packaging not contribute to the global plastic crisis, but the packaging also offers stress-free opening for the customer!

With new product ranges being added all the time, be sure to check out what the ‘not so new’ kids on the block have to offer!