A new contactless payment solution for tradesmen has launched, enabling clients to pay for services via a payment app quickly and easily on the spot. Yotta Pay is a UK-based payment processing solution with the world’s smallest NFC payment terminal, the Yotta Ring. This is perfect for tradesmen who work in remote locations or have to travel to clients’ homes. For trade suppliers, we also offer our “Yotta Pad” , our sleek payment terminal that is entirely plastic free and also doesn’t require any power source, working only through NFC technologies. Clients simply tap their phones on the pad and pay you directly from their mobile banking app, receiving an e-receipt and e-business card after their purchase. Yotta Pay links securely to your business’s banking app, so that you can start accepting payments immediately. Payments are instant, with Yotta Pay charging rates from 0.19 – 0.49%. The Yotta Pay app has several features including invoicing, the ability to add sales team members, and client lists in order to put efficiency and ease at the core of your business. With the lowest payment processing rates on the UK market and all in one functionality, sustainable business has never been so easy. Speak to the team and download the app by visiting the Yotta Pay stall to start accepting payments instantly! With a 4.9 star rating on the app-store, join the growing number of tradesmen and suppliers who are able to save between £1000-10,000 per year.