J-strut enables temporary steel supports to be adjusted safely, quickly and effortlessly using cordless handheld tools. Any temporary steel support can be converted by simply replacing the threaded collar with the patented J-strut gear collar. The collar can be wound up and down to adjust the support height using the J-strut pinion gear which locates over the existing locking pin and can be driven with a cordless impact driver or wrench.

By doing this J-strut removes the need for manual adjustment of the collar, avoiding the frustrations that come with repeatedly winding and adjusting. All the effort to overcome friction is done by the impact driver. This helps reduce operator fatigue and minimise the chances of injury from human error.

Temporary support often needs to be deployed and removed quickly to facilitate a smooth build process. The J-strut system enables rapid deployment by greatly reducing the time taken to spin the collar to the correct height. If a support is up against a wall and the operator can only turn the collar half a turn at a time an adjustment that would usually take minutes to complete manually but can be achieved with J-strut in a matter of seconds.

Often the amount of force applied by each support is overlooked since there is no easy way to measure the input force. J-strut helps ensure that each support is loaded to the same force every time through the torque setting on the wrench or power tool.


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