The information detailed in the manual should provide you with everything necessary for your successful participation at Toolfair (Coventry). Some of the services explained will be essential to your participation, while others are an optional extra. Below are outlined the ways we recommend you use the information enclosed.

1) Read the information in full now this will ensure you are immediately aware of stand information, restrictions, cut of dates for orders etc.

2) Fill in and return all request/requirement forms immediately if possible; if not, please ensure you do so by deadline dates.

3) Keep photocopies of any forms you complete and return, and bring them with you to the show. They will be invaluable should you have any queries on site.

The checklist on the following page should assist you with meeting deadline dates.

Please ensure that your stand designers and fitters are aware of the regulations concerning stand construction, the use of officially appointed contractors and the build-up and breakdown times.

If there is anything further you need to know please give Kirstin Eldridge a call on (01494) 714599 or email keldridge@hamerville.co.uk

Please note that any company that has not paid in full will not be permitted to exhibit at the show.


Kirstin Eldridge
Tel: 01494 714599
Email: keldridge@hamerville.co.uk


Colin Gale
Tel: 01923 237799
Mobile: 07971 555528
Email: colingale@hamerville.co.uk


Sirius Conference & Events Ltd
Unit C4, The Bridge Business Centre
Timothy’s Bridge Road
Stratford Upon Avon
Warwickshire CV37 0HT
Tel: 01789 269262
Fax: 01789 269862

Ernie England
Tel: 07866 610100
Email: frogandmootevents@hotmail.co.uk

The Intershell Group
Intex House
Avondale Way
Gwent NP44 1TS
Tel: 01633 838283
Fax: 01633 838299

The Intershell Group
Intex House
Avondale Way
Gwent NP44 1TS
Tel: 01633 838283
Fax: 01633 838299

The Intershell Group
Intex House
Avondale Way
Gwent NP44 1TS
Tel: 01633 838283
Fax: 01633 838299

Ricoh Arena
Phoenix Way
Tel: 08448 736500
Fax: 08448 736598
Email: orders@ricoharena.com

The Intershell Group
Intex House
Avondale Way
Gwent NP44 1TS
Tel: 01633 838283
Fax: 01633 838299



All Exhibitors
Wednesday 18th September
08:30 – 19:00

All Exhibitors
Thursday 19th September
08:30 – 9:30

Thursday 19th September
10:00 – 16:00

Friday 20th September
10:00 – 16:00
Please note we require all exhibitors to be on site ready for visitors by 9:30am on both show days

Friday 20th September
16:00 – 19:00
Exhibitors are reminded that the exhibitor or his contractor must remove any materials scrapped at the end of the exhibition. The removal of all exhibits must be completed by 7.00pm. Property not removed by the end of the breakdown period may be disposed of at the discretion of the Organisers. Exhibitors will be liable for any charges thus incurred.

General Information


Toolfair and Elex is open to trade visitors only and admission will be by complimentary ticket registration cards. 100 free tickets will be sent to you. For a further supply of tickets please return Form 6.


Sirius Conference & Events Ltd are the official AV contractor for the show. AV requirements can be ordered by returning Form 10 to Sirius ASAP.


Guidelines for trouble free build-up for the show are available to download here – build-up info

There has been a change in the law within the Events Industry in regards to CDM (Construction Design and Management).  The Ricoh Arena is enforcing this new legislation.  It is very important that you read the CDM Site Induction. Please make sure that you brief all staff working on your stand.  If you have any contractors on your stand, they will also need to be given a copy of the CDM Site Information.

CDM information is available for download here


Car Parking at Coventry is free of charge to exhibitors bringing cars or transits.


The exhibition hall will be fully carpeted in Ruby.

Exhibitors wishing to order different colour carpet should contact Ernie England on: 07866 610100 to discuss cost.

Email : frogandmootevents@hotmail.co.uk


All catering requirements must be supplied through the venue. It is not permitted to bring in outside supplies of food and drink on to the stands. If you would like to order stand catering then please contact keldridge@hamerville.co.uk


Ricoh Arena does not have any storage facilities for exhibitors. Any deliveries must arrive during the tenancy period and be collected before the end of the tenancy. Please address deliveries as follows:

Your Company name and stand number
Toolfair & Elex
Ericsson Exhibition Hall
Ricoh Arena
Phoenix Way


Exhibitors should confirm details of any demonstration on Form 1 and Form 1.1 of this manual.

In order to offer some advice to those Exhibitors planning to demonstrate equipment in the exhibition hall, the following notes have been prepared:

  1. All running machinery and other working apparatus shall be efficiently guarded to the satisfaction of the Authorities to prevent injury to persons.
  2. Exhibits must be so positioned that at no time will they intrude into the gangway or hazard visitors.
  3. Starting devices on machines should be isolated to prevent visitors operation unattended exhibits.
  4. Proper consideration shall be given to the conditions under which the equipment is being demonstrated which may well differ considerably from the conditions under which it is normally installed and for which the normal safeguards will no longer by appropriate.
  5. Any exhibit or process that generated noxious to toxic fumes, exhausts or smoke of any kind shall be so arranged as to have an effective exhaust system to the outside atmosphere.
  6. Flammable gases in aerosols are not allowed
  7. The use of compressors, sprayers, auto-trucks and similar plant powered by internal combustion engines is normally prohibited when visitors are in the hall.
  8. The organisers reserve the right to terminate the equipment demonstration at any time.
  9. All supplies of fuel to be kept outside the exhibition in a controlled store for flammable items.
  10. Textile fabrics, signs or other materials used for interior decorative purposes within stands shall be of the following materials: non-combustible material, inherently non-flammable material, durably flame proofed fabric and plastics material acceptable to the local Fire Brigade.

Exhibitors should contact the Organisers for further details should they have any queries relating to the above mentioned points


Any charges imposed upon the Organiser for damage to the site caused by an Exhibitor or his contractor will be passed on to the Exhibitor in question.


Electrics are not provided as part of the shell scheme package. The Intershell Group are the official electrical contractor for the show and must carry out all electrical work on stands. Any queries regarding electrics should be made direct to The Intershell Group (01633 838283).

Electrical requirements can be ordered by return Form 7.1 (Shell scheme exhibitors) or Form 7.2 (Space only exhibitors) to The Intershell Group before Wednesday 4th September, attaching a sketch showing the approximate positioning of all ordered electrical items.


Exhibitor badges are available to download here.

Print out the confirmation email you get and bring it to the show. Then simply enter the badge numbers at the Fast Track badge collection terminals to get all your named exhibitor badges.

In the interests of assisting visitors we would ask that all stand personnel wear identification badges at all times.


By order of the Local Fire Authority, the required number of standard type water/gas fire extinguishers will be sited within the show. Exhibitors who, because of the nature of their exhibits, require a special type of extinguisher must contact the Organisers prior to the show.


First aid facilities will be available though out the duration of the Exhibition by contacting a member of the Toolfair & Elex team.


The Intershell Group are the official forklift contactor for the show. All queries regarding lifts should be made direct to The Intershell Group – 01633 838282.
Fork Lift requirements can be ordered by completing and returning Form 13 to The Intershell Group before Friday 6th September.


Intershell has been appointed to supply on hire, a full range of stand furniture as required by the Exhibitors.  They have created special package deals for exhibitors – download Form 12 here.  Please contact Intershell to discuss either package details or alternative furniture options.

Website – www.theintershellgroup.co.uk     Email – ishellfurniture@gmail.com Tel: 01633 838283


Exhibitors must ensure that all individuals, companies, exhibits, special features and materials they bring to the exhibition comply with the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. Exhibitors must ensure that due thought and consideration is given to their own and others health, safety and welfare throughout the event and so far as is reasonably practicable, that their actions or omissions do not give rise to accidents, injuries or an unsafe working environment.

Health and Safety Declaration (Form 2)
All exhibitors MUST complete and return Form 2 by Friday 23rd August to indicate their commitment to Health and Safety at the exhibition.

Risk Assessments – Shell scheme exhibitors
Shell scheme exhibitors are not always required to undertake risk assessments. You may obtain exemption from the above by completing and returning Form 1 before Friday 23rd August.

However, certain activities or displays may require you to undertake a Risk Assessment (a sample risk assessment is available online – Form 1.1, prior to the exhibition, identifying the hazards present on site and ways in which you will minimise and control these risks.

Form 1.1 must be returned with Form 1 before Friday 23rd August.

Risk Assessments – Space only exhibitors
All Space Only exhibitors MUST undertake a Risk Assessment prior to the exhibition, identifying the hazards present on-site and ways in which you will minimise and control these risks. You must also obtain copies of risk assessments from all your appointed contractors who undertake work on your stand. A sample risk assessment is available online Form 1.1.


Jigsaw Conferences have reserved local hotels for Toolfair/Elex exhibitors. If you would like to book one of these hotels please contact Jigsaw Conferences (0845 0000 792).  Alternatively you may prefer to use Booking Form & Fax Form.


All Exhibitors are required to hold insurance to cover the legal liability for negligence. This Public Liability Insurance must be for an indemnity of at least £2,000,000.00.

Exhibitors are required to indemnify the Organisers against all liabilities, action costs and compensation for injury or loss of any property, arising as a result of their occupancy of a stand or of any act, omission or negligence by the Exhibitor or agent or any other person under his direction.

Although every reasonable precaution is taken to prevent any loss or damage to exhibitors property, the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may befall the person or property of the exhibitor from any cause.

Exhibitors and contracts are insured under Public Liability Insurance. This does not protect property owned by the Exhibitor or Contractor and, therefore Exhibitors are reminded to insure displays, equipment and staff property against loss or damage. Event Insurance are exhibition insurance specialists. You can contact them direct on: 0800 515980/01425 470360.

Please send proof of current public liability insurance (not a copy of your employers liability certificate) for inspection by Friday 23rd August to Kirstin Eldridge, Toolfair & Elex, Regal House, Regal Way, Watford, Herts, WD24 4YF.


The cleaning of stands will be arranged by the Organisers on a daily basis. Exhibitors are responsible for their own cleaning of exhibits on display. Exhibitors should contact the Organisers’ Office if there are any problems with stand cleaning.

STAND CLEANING - Enclosed Exhibition Stands (50% Rule)

  • Fully enclosed stands are not permitted on the exhibition floor
  • Exhibits and walling must be positioned in such a way as not to obstruct the view of the exhibition or adjacent stands.
  • Only up to 50% of any open side of stands are permitted to have an outside wall
  • The organisers will not allow walls to be stepped back in order to overcome this ruling.
  • Solid runs of walling along open perimeters are not permitted unless facing a venue wall. Under no circumstances are neighbouring stands to be visually blocked off from the rest of the exhibition

Exceptions to the above will be considered by the organisers on a case by case basis.


Intershell Systems Limited are the official shell scheme contract for the show. Any queries in relation to the construction of the shell scheme of the stands should be made directly to Intershell. All specifications are detailed here – shell specification sheet.

Panels:         Velcro Compatible Black Tweed. 2440mm high.

Fascias:         Black Covering

Carpet:          Ruby

Name Board: Consist of capital and lower case 50mm black lettering on white card, fixed to the fascia. Exhibitors are requested to fill in the precise company name on Form 3. (return by Friday 23rd August)

Height Restrictions: If any part of your stand exceeds 2.5 metres in height, a detailed plan must be sent to the Organisers by Friday 23rd August. (please note maximum stand height is 4 metres)


All Space only exhibitors are required to submit a plan of their stand including all dimensions. This should be sent with a Risk assessment, CDM Plan, Method Statement and proof of current public liability insurance.

Please send 2 copies of everything. Stands must be built within the area of space contracted.

No stand should impinge or overhang the gangways. The back of all space only stands must be finished. All space only stands that back onto shell scheme stands must be finished down to 2.4m. Vision panels are required in all doors.

All stand drawings must be sent to the organisers for approval before Friday 23rd August.

Height Restrictions: Stands or other structures inclusive of signs or fascias shall not exceed 4 metres in height.


Free basic Wifi is available at the venue. Ricoh Arena are able to supply telephone, fax or ISDN lines to exhibitor’s stands. Any enquiries of this nature should be directed to the Ricoh Arena. Requirements can be ordered by sending Form 9 and Form 9.1 to Coventry before Friday 6th September, attaching a sketch showing the approximate positioning of the line.

We would strongly recommend booking a hardwired line for payment transactions. We cannot guarantee the quality of connection with the free wifi or mobile phone coverage.


Exhibitors must inform the Organisers if they intend to display a vehicle on their stand. This can be done by completing and returning Form 5 of this manual before Friday 23rd August.

Exhibitors displaying vehicles will be allocated during build-up to deliver their vehicle to the venue.


As an exhibitor, you are entitled to a free editorial in the visitor guide (maximum 50 words). Please email your entry (with a colour picture and colour logo) to yve@hamerville.co.uk.   Please make sure the Company name, full postal address, telephone number, fax number, website and email addresses are included on the email. The deadline date for the visitor guide is Friday 6th September.

Any queries regarding the visitor guide please contact Yve on 01923 237799 x 2116.

We are offering exhibitors the opportunity to back up their free entries in the guide with a low cost advertisement on one of the limited number of pages that we are holding in reserve. If you are interested in advertising in the guide, please contact Colin Gale on (01923) 237799 x 2229.


Visitors to the exhibitions will be registered by computer. Data pens are available for hire enabling exhibitors to obtain details of all visitors visiting their stand. This service is available to order here.


Exhibitors requiring water and/or waste to their stand should inform the Organisers to ensure that their stand is positioned near the necessary ducts.


Free basic Wifi is available at the venue. Any enquiries regarding WIFI or additional broadband should be directed to the venue. Requirements can be ordered by sending Form 9  and Form 9.1 to the Ricoh Arena before Friday 6th September.

We would strongly recommend booking a hardwired line for payment transactions. We cannot guarantee the quality of connection with the free wifi or mobile phone coverage.