Invented, design & made in Great Britain.

The “SharpEdge” from G-Sharp Tools Ltd is a unique sharpening system allows the user to Sharpen Easily.

Sharpen any square edge chisel or plane.

Designed to hone your chisels so you can hone your woodworking skills.

A tool that should make sharpening easy.

Lightweight but very robust. Able to withstand knocking about in your tool bag or even falling off a work bench.

The “SharpEdge” will sharpen a 3 mm or 1/8” chisel right up to 85 mm or 3 3/8” and any square edged tool in between with variable angles from 22deg – 90 deg.

The smaller tools can be held in the centre of the unit so that it is easier to use the whole of the diamond hone.

The user is able to obtain consistent results with very little time needed to set up.

  • Less time sharpening & more time using your tools because of the ability to sharpen & hone quickly & accurately to an extremely sharp degree/level.
  • Designed to help you master sharpening & make sharpening simple.
  • No extensive training neede It is possibly the easiest way to get a professional result, fast.
  • Safer simple sharpening, as the chisel stays still while being sharpened.
  • Tuning sharpening on it’s back

Remember a sharp tool is a safer & more effective tool.

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