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Quality made in Germany

For many people, working with wood – one of the earth’s most precious raw materials – is not only part of the daily routine, but also a subject of great fascination. That goes for the team at MAFELL too.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that the company demands uncompromising quality in the manufacture of machines for the woodworking trades.

MAFELL’s only production facility is in Oberndorf am Neckar – right in the heart of the major industrial region around Stuttgart. Here, alongside renowned global players, are also a large number of medium-size enterprises that play a leading role on the world market.

Against this backdrop, MAFELL produces quality made in Germany, with a vertical range of manufacturing that covers as much as 85% of its output, and by the company’s own toolmaking operation. After all, MAFELL quality stems not from large-scale production, but from exemplary process-overarching, high-tech manufacturing in small series in Oberndorf. This approach enables us to respond quickly to emerging needs.

Its machines are the product of a unique manufacturing process and embody the MAFELL quality that lasts for generations.

The company’s products have always been inimitable, offering high-torque, high-speed motors, sturdy design, supreme precision and outstanding durability.

Built by professionals for professionals.


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